2.10.10 "Stereo Ain't Just for Music"

This pair of photos of a young couple at tea (taken around 1853 by Thomas Honywood) provides a good example of a stereo photograph. By looking at the two slightly different images side by side through a binocular device, you can approximate human vision and create depth of field, which creates a 3D aura and makes the picture seem more realistic (this works because our eyes are set apart and transmit slightly different images to the brain - which fuses them into one image).
This stereograph, though likely staged, seems to present a reflective and intimate moment for the couple shown, and would probably look really cool in stereo vision.
Also, check out the following website. It takes images from a Bar Mitzvah and rapidly fires back and forth to provide an experience similar to binocular vision: http://www.squareamerica.com/bm4.htm

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