2.1.10 A Romantic Comparison

Asher B. Durand's 1849 painting, "Kindred Spirits" is the first image shown; it provides a good example of a Romantic style painting. In it, Durand depicts two men standing with the Catskill Mountains in the background. The second image - a photograph with Romantic concepts - is taken from William Henry Fox Talbot's series of Sun Pictures in Scotland from 1845. It presents the tomb of Sir Walter Scott and consists of rich, deep tones and Gothic shadows.
Both are well grounded in the Romantic aesthetic. The emphasize picturesque settings - one with a flowing river, glowing clouds, and mountains, and the other with overgrown foliage and a decaying structure. Though different in their own respects, both images build on concepts of the sublime and beautiful, dynamic lighting and shadows, and delicate and well-proportioned beauty.

Find an example of a painting and a photographic image made in the Romantic Era. (Think William Blake)Compare the two images and write about their similarities.

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