3.15.10 Pictorialism and Women Photographers

This image, captured by Anne W. Brigman in 1908 and titled "The Lone Pine," captures the essence of the Photo-Secession movement which she helped lead. Many of her most famous photos, which were taken between 1900 and 1920 depict nude women in natural contexts. Her work helped to promote photography as a fine art. When the viewer first glances at this photo, he/she might easily miss the woman kneeling on the rocks next to the tree; she almost seems to blend in with her surroundings - she is camouflaged in a sense. Her position parallels that of the tree that is bending out over the ledge, and warm soft light brings an emotional intensity to the photo. The image defies cultural norms accepted conventions, but it is organic and natural at the same time. The woman appears to be reflecting. She seems liberated.

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